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Are NFTs new art movement ?   (2022)

I feel that the NFT movement is an epoch-making event for the art world.

Just as Marcel Duchamp created the concept of an original copy by signing R.Mutt on a toilet bowl, we in the present have succeeded in creating the concept of NFT by signing with MetaMask.


The simple act of signing separates the original from the copy, and the phenomenon of the act of signing spreading autonomously, decentrally, and without compulsion from anyone is reminiscent of graffiti culture.
In the 80's, people drew symbols on walls and subways in New York City that everyone could see and spread among their peers, and the inscription of data on a completely transparent blockchain seems to be the same thing, meta-wise.


As an artist living in the present, I really wanted to try to bring NFT back to the old school paintings on canvas again, and not confine it only to digital space. These works are both my own response to NFT and proof that I am alive in this time.





サインというシンプルな署名行為は、コピーとオリジナルを分け、また、その署名行為が誰からも強制されず非中央集権で自律的に広がっていく現象は、グラフィティの文化をも彷彿させます。 80年代に、NYの壁や地下鉄など誰もが目にする場所に、仲間内だけの記号を描き、拡散したことと、完全な透明性のあるブロックチェーンに、データを刻むことはメタ的には同じことにみえたりもします。


私は、現在に生きるアーティストとして、NFTをデジタル空間だけに閉じず、キャンバスで描かれたオールドスクールなペインティングにもう一度、戻すという試みをどうしてもやりたかった。 これらの作品は、私なりのNFTへの応答でもあるし、この時代に私が生きているということの証でもあります。


acrylic  on canvas
606 × 606 mm


Contract  0xcccee5c10f6a03b360d0195472764af3db156b35
Token Standard ERC-721
Block Chain Polygon


Nothing ?

Andy Warhol said 'There is nothing behind it.' Now, there is the blockchain behind NFT. If he would look at the NFT, would he say it is superficial?


Andy Warhol said 'I want to be a machine.' Now A smart contracts work according to an algorithm. It's the same thing over and over again. Would this be the machine that Warhol wanted?

Is this artwork ERC-20 or ERC-721 ?
There are no fakes in the on-chain data. Here is the NFT marked ERC-20. Is this token ERC-20 or ERC-721?

The Place

The Internet space is a contemporary public place; NFT is open to all artworks. The place for expression is open to the streets, not just to exclusive museums.

What is original ?

The more NFTs are copied, the more valuable they become. The user's signature only proves the difference from others. All images can be said to be copies. What is original? Where is original?

Co - Existence

Rare Collection is high price. Because it is expensive, it becomes rare. Tokens and art. Coexistence within the market mechanism.

Different medium, different works

Digital images are scalable. It can be scaled freely and look different depending on the device. The art you see is material. It cannot be scaled. NFT's images are unique, but not unique.


An artist's work will remain after they death. An immutable object will also remain in the Internet space.

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