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ALL X (2023)

This work is based on the theme of "negation". Underneath this work, there was a work that I had drafted, designed the composition and color scheme meticulously, and painted as designed, but after completing it, I suddenly faced the fact that I did not think it was good in the first place, that it was a planned harmony, that it did not exceed my expectations, and that I was not good enough, and I wanted to destroy that painting. I couldn't believe it myself. I couldn't believe it myself, but I spray-painted X's (crosses) all over the canvas, covering it with many X's, and I felt very refreshed. However, I wondered how it would look like as a painting in that state, so at the end I overwrote it with ALL X's. The X's are a nuance of denial and rejection. 

The "×" has a strong nuance of negation or rejection, giving a negative impression, but when multiple layers are overlapped, they start to look like small birds or flowers, which makes me feel attached to them. From a dualistic perspective, the negation of a negation is an affirmation, and when there are many negations, they sometimes no longer matter. Negatives and positives are in fact only relative evaluations, and if the assumptions are changed, such as different places, different historical backgrounds, etc., it is not uncommon for the evaluation to be completely different. I would be happy if this work conveys, even if only a little, the optimistic spirit of "If you change your perspective, you can turn it into something positive!



「否定」をテーマにした作品。本作の下には、下書きをし、構図や配色を緻密に設計し、設計通りに描き進めていた作品があったが、完成したあと、ふと、予定調和であること、自分の想定を超えなかったこと、自分の実力のなさなど、そもそも自分がよいと思えなかったことに素直に向き合い、その絵を壊したくなった。自分でも信じられないが、スプレーで ×(バツ)を描きまくり、キャンバスをたくさんの × で埋め尽くしたら、とても、すがすがしい気持ちになった。とはいえ、その状態だと、絵としてはどうなのかと思い、最後に、ALL × と上書きした。

× は、否定や拒絶するニュアンスが強く、ネガティブな印象があるが、複数のレイヤーが重なり合うと、小さな鳥や花のようにも見えてきて、愛着が湧いてくる。二元論的な見方をすれば、否定の否定は肯定であり、否定がたくさんあった場合、もはやどうでもよくなってきたりもする。否定や肯定は、実際には相対評価でしかなく、違う場所、違う時代背景など、前提が変われば、まったく別の評価になることも少なくない。この作品を通じて「見方を変えれば、プラスに転じる!」という楽観的な心持ちが少しでも伝わればうれしい。


Acrylic on canvas530 × 530 × 20 mm, 

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