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Banana Challenge   (2022)


This is a challenge where bananas painted on physical canvases are divided and held by NFT, and  sales are distributed to NFT holders when the canvases are sold. At the start, the value of the canvas is 0. Will this banana go value up ?


In 2019, at Art Basel Miami, a banana on the wall, "The Comedian" sold for $120,000. Art transforms in value based on the context, regardless of the cost of production, and NFT may be close to that. "The Comedian" is a critique of the absurdity of art and capitalism, "Banana Challenge" is a question to the current NFT movement.


How to Play  Ver0.2

  1. Buy a Pixel
    * Pixel is NFT.
    * Choose your favorite pixel in Collection !

  2. Join Community
    * Communicate each NFT holders through Discord.
    * NFT holders can decide how much to sell the canvas for and how to sell it.

  3. Sell the Canvas
    * The canvas is painted with the pixel.
    * Canvas selling, delivery and payments are done by the admin.

  4. Choose NFT or ETH
    * The NFT holders can choose 1) Continue to hold NFT or 2) Receive buyback & Get ETH
    * If the holders choose 2), admin sends ETH to the holders using MetaMask.



   4. Profit sharing

       * Canvas sales are distributed to NFT holders.

       * Admin sends ETH to the NFT holders using MetaMask.


  • The value of the canvas is zero. NFTs are not securities.

  • There is no guarantee that the canvas will sell. Let's work together to make it sell.

  • Profit sharing on ONLY PRIMARY sales. No profit sharing on SECONDARY sales.

Ex)  If you buy Pixel#01, you get Canvas#1 ownership. The Canvas#01 is composed of 15 pixels, so you hold 1/15 of the right to the Canvas.


The Canvas  ---   Acrylic on canvas 606 × 606mm --- 4pieces




BANA NARUTO,  NFT Naruto Museum, 9.02(FRI) - 9.10(SAT) 2022

Organized by Banana Challenge Project



BANANA AOMORI,  Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary Art  Citizen Gallery, 8.27(SAT) - 8.28(SUN) 2022

Organized by Banana Challenge Project


Parking Please note that parking is not available at the museum. Please use public transportation or paid parking near the museum. 

BANANA AKAGANE, Akagane Museum, 7.12(TUE) - 7.18(MON) 2022


We are looking for exhibition facilities. If interested, please contact us!

The Pixel  ---   NFT --- 59pieces

NFT Location

NFT Location

NFT Rarity

Canvas No.
Dark Silver
Canvas #1
8 (13.6%)
4 (6.8%)
1 (1.7%)
2 (3.4%)
0 (0%)
Canvas #2
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
11 (18.6%)
2 (3.4%)
0 (0%)
Canvas #3
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
12 (20.3%)
4 (6.8%)
0 (0%)
Canvas #4
7 (11.9%)
3 (5.1%)
1 (1.7%)
2 (3.4%)
2 (3.4%)


Andy Warhol, The Velvet Underground & Nico Album Cover, 1967
Andy Warhol, The Velvet Underground & Nico Album Cover, 1967

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Banksy, Pulp Fiction, 2002
Banksy, Pulp Fiction, 2002

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Tsumichara, Banana Challenge, 2022-
Tsumichara, Banana Challenge, 2022-

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Andy Warhol, The Velvet Underground & Nico Album Cover, 1967
Andy Warhol, The Velvet Underground & Nico Album Cover, 1967

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Can I buy NFT only from OpenSea?

 We were thinking OpenSea, but if you know a reasonable way to do this, please tell us !

Q What are the utilities of the NFT?

A Canvas ownership. What ownership actually means is discussed and decided by the NFT holders.

Q How does the money flow?

A The flow is different for NFT sales and canvas sales.
[1] NFTs sales go into the Tsumichara's (management team) wallet. This money is used to cover production and operating costs.
[2] Canvas sales will temporarily go into Tsumichara's (management team) wallet. The use of this money will be decided by the NFT holder. 

Q How long is NFT ownership valid?

A It is assumed to be up to the point when the canvas is sold by the artist (Tsumichara) to the buyer in the primary market. There is no return to the NFT holder if the canvas is distributed on the secondary market (because we cannot realistically manage it).

Q Is secondary distribution of NFT possible?

A Yes

Q Who are you?
A I’m artist, tsumichara. 

Q What project hashtags do you use on SNS ?
A #BANANA_X, where "X" stands for the letter "X" and represents the idea of connecting and crossing people together through this project. 

If you have any questions, please contact us!